I contributed to the following projects through my Ph.D. and my PostDoc.

GraphNEx: Graph Neural Networks for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
January 2023 (Active)

The project focuses on extrapolating semantic concepts and meaningful relationships from graphs by using concepts and tools from graph signal processing and graph machine learning, while promoting human interpretability. The graph-based framework will adaptively evolve the graphical knowledge base and develop inherently explainable AI.

CORSMAL: Collaborative Object Recognition, Shared Manipulation and Learning
October 2019 - December 2022 (Completed)

The project focuses on enabling robots to operate in noisy and potetially ambiguous environments in collaboration with humans. The project explores the fusion of multiple sensing modalities (sound, vision, touch) to accurately and robustly estimate the physical properties of objects a person intends to hand over to a robot.

National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR)
April 2020 - Dec 2021 (Completed)

An interdisciplanary project that brings together a diverse consortium of experts in robotics, AI, sensors, radiation and resilient embedded systems, to address complex problems in high gamma environments, where human entries are not possible at all, or in alpha-contaminated environments, where air-fed suited human entries are possible, but engender significant secondary waste (contaminated suits), and reduced worker capability.

Audio-visual intelligent sensing
September 2015 - September 2020 (Completed)

Interdisciplinary project between the Centre for Intelligent Sensing (QMUL) and the Centre for Information Technology ( at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Trento, Italy. The project focuses on mobile audio-visual monitoring for smart interactive and reactive environments. The project explores methods for people tracking, activity recognition, acoustic scene analysis, behaviour analysis, distant-speech recognition and understanding applied to individuals as well as groups in multi-camera multi-microphone environments.